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Downloading the Repertoire
Produced by Jay Allison
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Not only does Jack Mudurian love to sing, he also loves cigarettes and coffee.
<Courtesy David Greenberger.
Back in 1981, David Greenberger of Greenwich, NY worked at Duplex Nursing Home in Boston, where he met Jack Mudurian. Jack surprised him one night by singing stream of consciousness at a talent show. So David challenged him to sing for 45 minutes straight, and recorded it all on audio cassette.

A Quote from Jack Mudurian
"Everything belongs to someone. Television, radio, Motorola radio in the dashboard of a car. Boat, an airplane, motorcycle, motorscooter, motorbike, ice skates, skis, heater in the car, magic carpet - that's all. What else? Divan, bed, warm blanket, clock, food, smokin' pipes, and I can't think of anything else. Automobile, bicycle, shirt, belt - hey Dave, can you get me a new belt? I'm trying to get a new belt, I need a new belt. Cigarette lighter, water fountain, bubbler, chewing gum, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, eye glasses, hat, cap, ring on your fingers, wrist watch, cigarette holder, cigarette pack in your shirt pocket, moustache, shoes, sneakers, bedroom slippers, brown corduroy bedroom slippers, ring - I already said ring - fountain pen, ballpoint pen, a barber's shears to cut men's hair, a washing machine that automatically washes your laundry for you - like in the laundromat. I'm going to get a drink of water."

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