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Michele Comisky of Vienna, Va., enrolled her 8-year-old son Jackson in a study to test the value of probiotics in preventing the gut distress often experienced when taking antibiotics. Rob Stein/NPR hide caption

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Rob Stein/NPR

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Could Probiotics Protect Kids From A Downside Of Antibiotics?

Many marketing claims about the potential benefits of probiotics have raced ahead of the science, say researchers who are now trying to catch up. One NIH study is investigating kids' gut microbes.

Early-morning traffic backs up on Interstate 5 during a Jan. 11 snowstorm in Portland, Ore. Truck drivers say such conditions, combined with limitations on their working hours, cost them a lot of money because of their mileage-based pay. Don Ryan/AP hide caption

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Don Ryan/AP

White House Pushes New Truck Safety Regulation While Loosening Obama-Era Rules

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