Kismet the Robot

Kismet Happy
Photo by Sam Ogden

April 9, 2001 -- Kismet is awfully cute... for a robot. And as NPR technology correspondent Larry Abramson discovered, that's just the point of the nuts-and-bolts project at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab.

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Kismet Disgust
Photo by Sam Ogden

Researchers hope Kismet -- the equivalent of a robot baby -- will help break down human reluctance to interact with machines. They foresee valuable working relationships developing between man and machine, especially if both can find a friendlier footing.

Kismet Mimicking Surprise
Photo by Sam Ogden

Kismet paves the way without saying a word. She makes nonsense sounds and relies on basic body language to "communicate."

And as Abramson points out, "Kismet is a machine that tells us a lot about what it's like to be human."

Check out Kismet's Web site at MIT.