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March 8, 2001 - In the film Pollock, actor Ed Harris portrays Jackson Pollock, the America painter who pioneered abstract expressionism by dripping and squeezing and spilling paint onto canvas in the late 1940s and early '50s. The film is up for several Oscars, including one for Harris as best actor.

Pollock premiered last fall at the Venice Film Festival, followed by a North American debut at the Toronto Film Festival. The film also held the prestigious “Centerpiece” slot at the New York Film Festival.

Pollock marks Harris' directorial debut. He told NPR's Susan Stamberg that Pollock's story became something of an obsession: He spent 10 years trying to get the film made and even put some of his own money into the project. Listen to the Morning Edition interview

Preparing for the film, Ed Harris learned to paint like Jackson Pollock. Susan Stamberg asked him about the process of painting, the challenge of acting -- and how his style of painting might differ from Pollock's Abstract Expressionism. Pollock's Painting Process

Harris said he had no idea directing the film would be so challenging. He told Stamberg some days were particularly rough. Harris as Director

Listen as Ed Harris talks about Jackson Pollock and the connection between madness and great art. Harris talks about Jackson Pollock