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A 100th Birthday Card to Dr. Seuss
A Special Salute on Theodor Geisel's 'Seussentennial'

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Listen Sept. 25, 1991, Obituary of Theodor Seuss Geisel

Theodor Seuss Geisel in a 1986 photo.

Theodor Seuss Geisel in a 1986 photo.
Credit: Springfield Library & Museums Association

March 2, 2004 -- Theodor Seuss Geisel died in 1991, after authoring dozens of books that became bedtime rituals the world over. Schoolchildren will celebrate Dr. Seuss' 100th birthday today with special events across the country. Teachers and celebrities will dress up like Cat in the Hat and lots of people will be reading Seuss aloud.

Morning Edition offers a special birthday card to Dr. Seuss, with a verse written by Hart Seely, a reporter with the Syracuse Post-Standard:

Oh the Birthday We'll Have!

On the second of March in the hills of Na-Nupp
Every Who who's a "who" down in Who-Ville shows up.
The autograph seekers have lined up in clumps
With the Sneetches and Snuvs and the Wockets and Wumps
The Red Carpet is teeming with top paparazzi
And the whole place is done up quite razz-a-ma-tazzi.

Here comes the Lorax from forestry school
With a fish that he'd caught in McElligot's pool
Behind him, "Sam I am" steps through the chain
With the green eggs and ham he refused on the train.

Then the Grinch, with his world-famous great Grinchy sneer
And Horton, the elephant with specs in each ear
Then Marvin K. Mooney climbs down thru the trees
In a suit by Armani with gold sequined fleas
Then red fish and blue fish and not to be lazy
Thidwick the Moose carries Daisy-Head Maisy.

But the Cat -- where's the Cat? -- is he stuck in L.A.?
With his agents and lawyers and pipers to pay?
He's finished Cat One and is filming Cat Two
But just then his limousine pulls into view.

I am here, have no fear, says the Cat in the Hat.
I was never not coming, it was never not that.
I juggled appointments and came when I could
Cause a birthday is fun and no fun is no good.

Then the Cat in the Hat, with a wink of an eye
Holds a glass of red Beezlenut juice to the sky
May I say, says the cat, we are here, we are here
To salute you dear Doctor, we hope you are near.

On your one-hundredth birthday, we give thanks to you,
"For your troubles in getting to Solla Sollew,
"For the green Grickle-grass that is here for us all,
"For 'a person's a person, no matter how small.'
"For the fox and the Grox and the Grinch each December,
"Oh, the places you took us! We'll always remember."

We celebrate all of the stories we had,
When the worst things we knew really weren't that bad.
A hundred years later, a gift for all time
When reason was lost, Doctor, you gave us rhyme.

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