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Extinction today threatens over half of the 180 species of primate prosimians, or lemurs. More than 80 percent of forests, the natural home of these species, inhabited by these species no longer exist.

RADIO EXPEDITIONS co-host Alex Chadwick and Conservation International president Russell Mittermeier take listeners on a rugged journey through the forests of Madagascar, an island located 250 miles off Africa's southeast coast, to learn about one of the most devastated primate habitats in the world. You'll hear the haunting sounds of the indri, a lemur now on the brink of extinction.

Madagascar, with its unique, endangered plants and animals, is the focal point for major conservation efforts. Princeton University biologist and anthropologist Alison Jolly discusses her research on the endangered lemur population and we travel by boat to the island of Nosy Komba where conservationists strive to preserve the lives of endangered lemurs.

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The indri lemur The indri lemur

Photo by Russell Mittermeier, Conservation International

The ring-tailed lemur The ring-tailed lemur

Photo by Bates Littlehales, ©National Geographic Society

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