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Saving the Po'ouli

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April 4, 1998 -- The rarest bird in the world, from one of the remotest places on earth, is the subject of a last-ditch effort to save it from extinction. Join the NPR/National Geographic Radio Expedition to Hawaii, yes Hawaii, and its concentration of rare and endangered species, to meet the po’ouli bird.

Listen to this Morning Edition report -- as NPR’s Alex Chadwick visits the home of the three remaining po'ouli, two females and one as yet undetermined, and learns what scientists are doing to help them survive.

May 12, 1998 -- In the latest National Geographic Radio Expedition, NPR's Alex Chadwick reports on an extremely rare bird species in Hawaii. The Po'ouli can live only in the most remote areas of the islands. Scientists have found three birds...two females and one male. Conservationists plan to either mate the birds in captivity, or bring them together in the wild and hoping the birds form a mating pair.

Listen to this second Morning Edition report on the po'ouli bird -- as NPR’s Alex Chadwick visits the home of the three remaining po'ouli.

The rare Po'ouli The rare Po'ouli

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