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Disappearing Frogs

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May 19, 1998 -- Something is happening to frogs all over the world.

Frogs –- and other amphibians that have been part of our landscape for millions of years -- are disappearing, failing to reproduce, and going extinct in baffling numbers and circumstances. Others are being found with grotesque deformities such as extra limbs.

Some experts used to scoff that researchers who couldn't find frogs were simply inept field scientists. But there’s more and more information that proves the amphibian crisis is real.

Listen to this Morning Edition report as NPR’s Alex Chadwick embarks on a very urban National Geographic Radio Expedition to Washington, DC, where he explores government policy, and how a disturbing development in the natural world is generating concern among national leaders.

pickerel frog A pickerel frog
Photo: Bianca Lavies, © National Geographic Society

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