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We've got a lot to say about the millennium. Here is a sample of what's been on the air:

Back to the Future
Morning Edition - December 30, 1999
NPR's Madeleine Brand reports on how our ideas of the future have changed during the 20th century. Americans began the century with a hopeful, urban vision of gleaming skyscrapers and 10-lane highways, like the ones they saw in exhibits at the New York World's Fair in 1939. Now, the future may not be so easy to demonstrate or predict, and Americans may be yearning for a better, simpler past. (8:44)

Forgotten Moments of the Century
Morning Edition - December 30, 1999
Host Bob Edwards presents the forgotten moments of the century, as chosen by Morning Edition listeners. (8:07)

Century of Sports
Morning Edition - December 30, 1999
Host Bob Edwards talks to Commentator John Feinstein about the century in sports. (4:19)

Chinese Millennium
Morning Edition - December 30, 1999
Rob Gifford reports on how China is dealing with the millennium changeover. As the millennium approaches the people of China do not seem as excited as the rest of the world.

Century Remembered
All Things Considered - December 29, 1999
Veteran broadcast newsman Robert Trout remembers a mid-century roundtable discussion between journalists, convened by Edward Murrow of CBS. On January 1st, 1950, reporters gathered to discuss the issues and questions of their time: cold war, the so-called "German problem," the prospects of success for the United Nations, and America's leadership role in the free world. Many of the stories they covered became defining themes of the 20th century. (12:30)

Russian Millennium
All Things Considered - December 23, 1999
NPR's Michele Kelemen reports from Moscow on how Russians are preparing to greet the year 2000. They don't seem worried about potential problems from the Y2K computer bug. Nor do they see this New Year as the beginning of the new millennium. For Russians, it's the beginning of the transition to the millennium in 2001. Everyone from politicians to clergymen to astrologers are taking stock of how far the country has come and where it is headed. (5:00)

Berlin's Millennium Controversy
All Things Considered - December 20, 1999
NPR's Edward Lifson reports from Berlin on a controversy over German plans to celebrate the millennium. The city is planning an elaborate light show at the zoo. Critics fear the show is reminiscent of the searchlight extravaganzas staged by architect Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler's minister for armaments and war production. Under a chorus of criticism, the producer has revised his plans. (3:30)

Doomsday Scenarios
Morning Edition - December 8, 1999
By now you've probably grown a bit tired of hearing about Y2K. All the talk about the arrival of the new millennium has the purists fuming, since it does not truly begin until Jan. 1, 2001. Nonetheless, the hype and frenzy continues unabated. Television, movies and popular music lyrics are portraying the cataclysmic events some people believe will happen 23 days from now. Listen as NPR's Barbara Bradley reports on some of the doomsday scenarios.

The Millennium Baby Contest
Morning Edition - December 1, 1999
Commentator Don Hamilton says the competition will be especially tough this year among hospitals as they fight to claim the millennium's first baby. (2:58)

Y2K: The Movie
Morning Edition - November 19, 1999
Laura Sydell reports on a new made-for-tv movie about the worst case scenario of a Y2K computer problem. Corporate and government officials are worried that the film could cause panic among viewers. (6:54)

Millennial Theories on the Web
All Things Considered - November 9, 1999
Researchers at a conference sponsored by the Center for Millennial Studies looked at the millennium from many angles, including white supremacy, UFOs, technological malfunction and a range of apocalyptic theories. It became apparent that Internet plays a significant role in spreading all sorts of thoughts on what will happen come New Year 2000. Listen as NPR's Barbara Bradley reports from Boston. (5:00)

FBI Prepares for Possible Millennium Violence
Morning Edition - November 8, 1999
There is concern among law enforcement agencies that religious extremists will use the arrival of the new millennium as an excuse to carry out violence. The FBI is providing police across the country with information about such extremists as part of an effort it calls Project Megiddo, named after the hill in Israel where the Apocalypse is supposed to take place. Listen as NPR's Barbara Bradley reports on the FBI concerns. (8:05)

Automotive Trends
Morning Edition - September 28, 1999
Host Bob Edwards discusses automotive trends in the new model year with Paul Eisenstein, editor of the on-line magazine, The Car Connection. They talk about new technology that will be available on some Model Year 2000 cars, such as infrared night vision and Internet connections. They also discuss the new hybrid, gasoline-battery powered vehicles. (3:40)

All Things Considered - September 22, 1999
Officials in Boston have decided to get a jump on the new millennium. Boston's official New Year's bash, First Night, will run on Greenwich Mean Time. They'll pop the champagne corks at seven o'clock eastern time, rather than waiting until midnight. NPR's Tovia Smith reports. (2:30)

Start of the Millennium
Weekend Edition Sunday - September 19, 1999
NPR's Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr lectures our listeners AGAIN on exactly when the new millennium will begin. (2:59)

The '00s?
Morning Edition - September 7, 1999
Commentator Patt Morrison has a few thoughts on an impending problem ... what do we call the new decade that begins January 1st?

Debunking the Terrors
Weekend Edition Sunday - August 29, 1999
Frank speaks with Patricia Bernstein, who wrote an article for Smithsonian magazine debunking the popular belief that there was apocalyptic panic around the time of the turn of the first millennium. Bernstein researched and studied the written histories of the time and describes how the myth came to be accepted as fact. (9:02)

Will the Real Jesus Stand Up?
Weekend Edition Saturday - August 21, 1999
Win $2000!! Lynn talks with Michael Farrell of the National Catholic Reporter, who has come up with a contest to find a new image of Jesus for the new millennium. (4:20)

Millennium Champagne
Morning Edition - July 28, 1999
NPR's Renee Montagne reports on the highest-ever demand for champagne ... and dwindling supply. Champagne sales are expected to set a record this year, and about a third of the bubbly will be downed on New Year's Eve. (3:45)

Do the Milly
Weekend All Things Considered - July 25, 1999
A hot new dance craze is sweeping Chicago, or at least Lois Weisberg, the Cultural Commissioner there, hopes it will. Daniel speaks to Weisberg about her plan to get Chicagoans dancing in the streets this New Year's Eve ... with "The Milly", the millennium dance. (5:15)

Journalism in Cyberspace
Weekend Edition Sunday - June 6, 1999
NPR senior news analyst Daniel Schorr explores the course of journalism into the 21st century. (2:45)

World Calendars
Weekend All Things Considered - April 11, 1999
Daniel talks with David Ewing Duncan, author of "Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year". Duncan says that even though many people are fixated on the dawning of the next millennium, the year 2000 has in fact very little inherent importance. There are scores of other calendars in the world which are just as valid as the Gregorian calendar and for them, the second millennium came and went a long time ago. (6:00)

Millennium in Jerusalem
All Things Considered - January 12, 1999
NPR's Eric Weiner reports that on the eve of the millennium, Jerusalem has become the focal point for cults and individuals convinced the end of the century heralds the second coming of Jesus, as they interpret the prophecies found in the Biblical book of Revelation. The focal point for those waiting for the new Messiah is the Mount of Olives, where the last Messiah is said to have ascended into heaven. Christian zealots have abandoned families, careers, and even passports to congregate in Jerusalem for the long wait. (11:00)

Y2K Isn't a Big Deal
Morning Edition - June 5, 1998
Commentator Lauren Weinstein says that the much-feared Year 2000 computer problem is vastly over-hyped and not so catastrophic as some people claim. (2:57)

'The Last Apocalypse'
All Things Considered - March 31, 1998
Robert Siegel talks with James Reston, Jr., the author of "The Last Apocalypse: Europe at the Year 1000 A.D." They discuss the tenor of the times at the passage of the last millennium, and the lessons modern people can learn from how the last millennium milestone passed. (7:00)
(The Last Apocalypse is published by Doubleday.)

Millennium Dome
Morning Edition - December 31, 1997
NPR's Michael Goldfarb reports from London on the "Millenium Dome." Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour government is cutting funding for welfare programs while spending more than one-point-five-Billion dollars to build the Dome, which has been described as a showcase for Britain entering the 21st century. (6:58)

'Questioning the Millenium'
All Things Considered - September 29, 1997
Robert talks with noted author and paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould. They discuss Gould's new book, Questioning the Millennium: A Rationalist's Guide to a Precisely Arbitrary Countdown, which focuses on the cultural frenzy surrounding the approach of the next millennium. (7:30)

Trends of the Millennium
Talk of the Nation - September 23, 1997
Longevity centers, vitamin counselors, edible lawns. No, we're not talking about the latest science fiction. This is life on earth in the year 2000 - according to some trend forecasters. We can also look forward to on-line universities, videophones and a new breed of door-to-door salesmen. Ray's guests predict what will be hot in the new millennium and they'll tell us how to prepare and profit from the changes. Guests: Gerald Celente, Author, Trends: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century (Time Warner Books, 1997), Founder and Director, Trends Research Institute, Rhinebeck, NY; David Gelernter, Author, Drawing Life: Surviving the Unabomber (The Free Press, 1997); Professor of Computer Science, Yale University, New Haven, CT

The White House Millennium Program
All Things Considered - August 15, 1997
President Clinton announced a new project today, called The White House Millennium program. It will showcase the achievements of the nation, as part of the worldwide celebration of the change of the millennium. It will feature lectures, a preservation program run by the National Archives, and a series of programs sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. We'll hear part of his speech that discussed the project today. (1:00)

Morning Edition - January 1, 1997
With the new millennium only a few years away John Burnett investigates the notion of 'Rapture'. Some Christians believe that the year 2000 begins the end of the world. They say according to the Bible, all Christians, dead and alive, will be taken up into Heaven ...while those not saved will remain on Earth to suffer. (8:30)

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