Remembering 1st Lt. Brian Slavenas

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Morning Edition, November 4, 2003 · 1st Lt. Brian Slavenas died in Sunday's helicopter attack in Iraq. The 30-year-old Army National Guardsman was from a small town in Illinois and recently graduated from the University of Illinois. Susan Stephens of member station WNIJ has a profile.

Calvin Trillin. Photo: The New Yorker

Photo: The New Yorker

One Driveway Moment Inspires a Writer
Author Calvin Trillin, who listens to WNYC in New York, was so struck by this story that he was moved to seek out the Slavenas family for a follow-up in the March 14 issue of The New Yorker magazine. He wrote:

"While listening to a story on NPR's "Morning Edition" about a National Guardsman who'd been killed in Iraq, I found myself in tears. ... I was astonished that my response to a story about a young man I'd never heard of ... was to weep."

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