Go Ask Your Father

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This American Life, May 13, 2005 · In this show, sons and daughters get to find out the one thing they've always wanted to know about their father. And the answers aren't always what they hope for. (Thanks to WBEZ and PRI, who produce the show.)

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Amber, who listens to OPB in Oregon.

"My husband found me sitting in my car in the driveway last week, completely absorbed in the 'Go Ask Your Father' episode of the This American Life. Lennard [Davis'] story rang through my own family mystery, raising a question I'd put to bed years ago... Nothing I've ever heard on the radio has moved me or rattled me quite like this one did. Thank you for continuing to move me on this, and so many other occasions, with stories of humanity that provide your listeners like me with unique perspectives on life. Stories like this continue to make my own experience more real."

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