The Hula Hoop Gets Groovy Again

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All Things Considered, October 18, 2005 · The hula hoop isn't just for children any more: jam band String Cheese Incident has spawned a hooping craze among its followers. Sean Cole went to take a lesson on the allure of the hoop.

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Lora, who listens to KCLU in California

"I had a Driveway Moment when I got home from work last night. I was listening to All Things Considered and specifically to the story about String Cheese [Incident] and hula hooping. As I pulled up to my house, the reporter was just arriving at the pre-Incident party and I sat in my car listening to the great story about learning to hoop. I love that NPR takes the time to bring us great stories like this one. As soon as the story ended I went to my backyard and grabbed my hoop."

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