Hotter Than That

The Webcast of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra July 4th concert "Hotter Than That" from New Jersey's Liberty State Park took place on Independence Day 2000.

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Louis Armstrong Web Links
The official site for Louis Armstrong House and Archives. Extensive information on the artist, including a calendar of centennial events and a wonderful online exhibition, with images from the LAHA collection and a host of audio clips, from a classic 1937 radio broadcast to a 1950 practice session in a hotel, many culled from the countless hours of Armstrong's home-made tape recordings. Armstrong truly comes alive on this site!

Armstrong Bio and Discography
The All Music Guide Louis Armstrong page. Includes probably the most extensive discography on the web, with reviews of each recording plus a AMG's great "mapping" feature, which helps you place an artist in context, relative to their importance or influence on jazz and its practitioners. You could easily stick around here for an hour or two.

Armstrong Bio and Discography
Down Beat magazine's online Louis Armstrong bio. Links to an excellent photo gallery, discography with audio, recent and classic articles on Armstrong--all together a good Satchmo resource.

Scott Johnson's Online Armstrong Discography
Easily the best tribute site found, this discography rivals the All Music Guide page, presenting the impressive list in seven easy-to-grasp segments of Armstrong's career. It gives the visitor a highly educational timeline to follow, and the site looks good, too, with smooth navigation and nice graphics.

Jazz at Lincoln Center
Home page for Jazz at Lincoln Center.

NPR’s Jazz from Lincoln Center
Home page for NPR's Jazz from Lincoln Center program, hosted by Ed Bradley.

NPR's Jazz Profiles
Home page for NPR's Jazz Profiles, hosted by Nancy Wilson.

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