Easy to Remember:
A Centennial Tribute to Richard Rodgers

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audio icon Richard Rodgers Morning Edition Feature  (6/28/2002)
On the composer's 100th birthday, "Easy to Remember" producer Jeff Lunden's tribute to the man who created some of the most memorable songs in the American musical history.

audio icon Interview with Rodgers biographer  (12/06/2001)
NPR's Susan Stamberg talks with biographer Meryle Secrest about the life and music of composer Richard Rodgers. (7:19) (The book, Somewhere for Me: A Biography of Richard Rodgers, by Meryle Secrest, is published by Knopf; ISBN: 0375401644.)

audio icon Kilgore & Frishberg perform Richard Rodgers  (5/13/2002)
Fresh Air presents a concert of Richard Rodgers' songs performed by singer Rebecca Kilgore and pianist Dave Frishberg to mark the centennial of Rodgers' birth.

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Rodgers & Hammerstein

audio icon Bernadette Peters  (3/27/2002)
NPR's Susan Stamberg talks to Tony Award-winning actress Bernadette Peters about her new recording of the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein. (7:19) (Note: the CD, Bernadette Peters Loves Rodgers and Hammerstein, is available on the Angel Classics recording label.)

audio icon The Sound of Music  (9/23/2000)
NPR's Jeff Lunden reports that the movie The Sound of Music is making a comeback in theaters in London and New York. (6:30)

audio icon The Sound of Music  (5/9/2000)
NPR's Bob Edwards talks to T.R. Reid, London Bureau Chief for The Washington Post about how the British pay the equivalent of 16 dollars to watch The Sound of Music, dressed in appropriate attire, and sing along. (4:18-5:28)

audio icon "The Sound of Music" -- What Makes It So Great? (3/6/1998) PT commentator Robert Kapilow comes to Studio 4B to talk with Martin Goldsmith about the title song and What Makes it so Great. (9:25)

audio icon Oklahoma!  (4/29/2000)
Richard Rodgers was without long-time lyricist Lorenz Hart, and librettist Oscar Hammerstein was, at that time, famous for his failures. As NPR's Jeff Lunden tells it, however, the show did a little better than expected at its 1943 Broadway premiere. (16:00)

audio icon South Pacific  (4/4/1999)
NPR's Liane Hansen speaks with William Hammerstein -- son of Oscar -- whose Naval experience in the South Pacific helped inform James Michener's novel "Tales of the South Pacific", on which the musical is based. (9:07)

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Rodgers & Hart

audio icon My Funny Valentine  (2/14/2000)
Written by Rodgers & Hart for their 1937 musical, Babes in Arms, the song is a perennial favorite with radio programmers for Valentine's Day, despite the fact that it's hardly a sappy ode to love. Its lyrics were written by a talented, troubled man. NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports on this installment in the NPR 100. (12:30)

audio icon Kuralt Reads Rodgers & Hart  2/10/1996
For Valentine's Day, we play a bit of a musical session between journalist Charles Kuralt and his friend, pianist Loonix McGlohon. Kuralt reads the words of Lorenz Hart and McGlohon plays the tunes of Richard Rodgers. (4:30)

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