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A Richard Rodgers Song List

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This year marks the centennial of master melody maker Richard Rodgers, born on June 28, 1902. Rodgers' partnerships with lyricists Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein II produced some of America's most beloved musicals, including Babes in Arms, Pal Joey, Oklahoma!, and The Sound of Music, plus hit songs like "Blue Moon."

We would like to know your favorite Richard Rodgers' tunes and musicals, and we'll post your top picks on the Web page for the upcoming NPR program, Easy to Remember: A Centennial Tribute to Richard Rodgers.

For a complete listing of Richard Rodgers' songs (1079 of them!), go to the Richard Rodgers Centennial page on the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization Web site


The Garrick Gaieties (1925)

    "Soliciting Subscriptions"
    "Guilding the Guild"
    "April Fool"
    "Stage Manager Chorus"
    "The Joy Spreader"
    "Ladies of the Box Office"
    "Do You Love Me, I Wonder?"
    "Black and White"
    "On with the Dance"
    "Sentimental Me"
    "And Therely Hangs a Tail"
    "It's Quite Enough to Make Me Weep"
    "The Three Musketeers"

Present Arms (1928)

    "Tell It to the Marines"
    "You Took Advantage of Me"
    "Do I Hear You Saying, "I Love You"?"
    "A Kiss for Cinderella"
    "Is It the Uniform?"
    "Crazy Elbows"
    "Down by the Sea"
    "I'm a Fool, Little One"
    "Blue Ocean Blues"
    "Kohala, Welcome"

Spring Is Here (1929)

    "A Cup of Tea (There's Magic in the Cup)"
    "Spring Is Here (In Person)"
    "Yours Sincerely"
    "We're Gonna Raise Hell"
    "You Never Say Yes"
    "With a Song in My Heart"
    "Baby's Awake Now"
    "Finale, Act One (Oh, Look!)"
    "This Is Not Long Island"
    "Red Hot Trumpet"
    "What a Girl!"
    "Rich Man, Poor Man!"
    "Why Can't I?"

Love Me Tonight (1932)

    "That's the Song of Paree"
    "Isn't It Romantic?"
    "A Woman Needs Something Like That"
    "The Poor Apache"
    "Love Me Tonight"
    "The Son of a Gun Is Nothing But a Tailor"

"Blue Moon" (1934)

On Your Toes (1936)

    "Two-a-Day for Keith"
    "The Three B's"
    "It's Got to Be Love"
    "Too Good for the Average Man"
    "There's a Small Hotel"
    "The Heart Is Quicker than the Eye"
    "Quiet Night"
    "Glad to Be Unhappy"
    "On Your Toes"
    "You Took Advantage of Me"
    "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue"

Babes in Arms (1937)

    "Where or When"
    "Babes in Arms"
    "I Wish I Were in Love Again"
    "Way Out West"
    "My Funny Valentine"
    "Johnny One-Note"
    "All at Once"
    "Peter's Journey"
    "The Lady Is a Tramp"
    "You Are So Fair"

I'd Rather Be Right (1937)

    "A Homogeneous Cabinet"
    "Have You Met Miss Jones?"
    "Take and Take and Take"
    "Spring in Vienna/Milwaukee"
    "A Little Bit of Constitutional"
    "Sweet Sixty-Five"
    "We're Going to Balance the Budget"
    "Labor Is the Thing"
    "I'd Rather Be Right"
    "Off the Record"
    "A Baby Bond"

I Married an Angel (1938)

    "Did You Ever Get Stung?"
    "I'll Tell the Man in the Street"
    "The Modiste"
    "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
    "Spring Is Here"
    "Angel Without Wings"
    "A Twinkle in Your Eyes"
    "At the Roxy Music Hall"
    "I Married an Angel"

The Boys from Syracuse (1938)

    "I Had Twins"
    "Dear Old Syracuse"
    "What Can You Do With a Man?"
    "Falling in Love With Love"
    "The Shortest Day of the Year"
    "This Can't Be Love"
    "The Ladies of the Evening"
    "He and She"
    "You Have Cast Your Shadow on the Sea"
    "Come With Me"
    "Sing for Your Supper"
    "Big Brother"
    "Oh Diogenes!"

Too Many Girls (1939)

    "Heroes in the Fall" (lyric by Rodgers)
    "Tempt Me Not"
    "My Prince"
    "'Cause We Got Cake"
    "Spic and Spanish"
    "Love Never Went to College"
    "I Like to Recognize the Tune"
    "Look Out"
    "The Sweethearts of the Team"
    "She Could Shake the Maracas"
    "Too Many Girls"
    "I Didn't Know What Time It Was"
    "Give It Back to the Indians"

Higher and Higher (1940)

    "A Barking Baby Never Bites"
    "From Another World"
    "Mornings at Seven"
    "Nothing But You"
    "Disgustingly Rich"
    "Blue Monday"
    "Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon"
    "Lovely Day for a Murder"
    "How's Your Health?"
    "It Never Entered My Mind"
    "I'm Afraid"

Pal Joey (1940)

    "You Mustn't Kick It Around" "I Could Write a Book" "Chicago"
    "That Terrific Rainbow"
    "What is a man?"
    "Happy Hunting Horn"
    "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"
    "Joey looks into the Future"
    "The Flower Garden of My Heart"
    "Plant You Now, Dig You Later"
    "Den of Iniquity"
    "Do It the Hard Way"
    "Take Him"

By Jupiter (1942)

    "For Jupiter and Greece"
    "Jupiter Forbid"
    "Life with Father"
    "Nobody's Heart"
    "The Gateway of the Temple of Minerva"
    "Here's a Hand
    "No, Mother, No" "The Boy I Left Behind Me" "Ev'rything I've Got"
    "Bottoms Up"
    "Careless Rhapsody"
    "Wait Till You See He"
    "Now That I've Got My Strength"

A Connecticut Yankee (1943)

    "Here's Martin the Groom"
    "This Is My Night to Howl"
    "To Keep My Love Alive"
    "Ye Lunchtime Follies"
    "Can't You Do a Friend a Favor?"
    "You Always Love the Same Girl"
    "The Camelot Samba"
    "My Heart Stood Still"
    "Thou Swell"
    "At the Round Table"
    "On a Desert Island with Thee"
    "I Feel at Home With You"
    "Hymn to the Sun"


Oklahoma! (1943)

    "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'"
    "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top"
    "Kansas City"
    "I Cain't Sy No"
    "Many a New Day"
    "It's a Scandal! It's a Outrage!"
    "People Will Say We're in Love"
    "Pore Jud is Daid"
    "Lonely Room"
    "Out of My Dreams"
    "The Farmer and the Cowman"
    "All Er Nuthin'"

Carousel (1945)

    Waltz Suite: "Carousel"
    "You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan"
    "Mister Snow"
    "If I Loved You"
    "June Is Bustin' Out All Over"
    "When the Children Are Asleep"
    "Blow High, Blow Low"
    "A Real Nice Clambake"
    "There's Nothin' So Bad for a Woman"
    "What's the Use of Wondrin'"
    "The Highest Judge of All"
    "You'll Never Walk Alone"

State Fair (1945)

    "It Might As Well Be Spring"
    "Driving At Night"
    "Our State Fair"
    "That's for Me"
    "More than Just a Friend"
    "Isn't It Kinda Fun?"
    "You Never Had It So Good"
    "When I Go Out Walking with My Baby"
    "So Far"
    "It's a Grand Night for Singing"
    "Man I Used to Be"
    "All I Owe Ioway"
    "That's the Way It Happens"
    "Boy and Girls Like You and Me"
    "Next Time It Happens"

Allegro (1947)

    "Joseph Taylor, Jr."
    "I Know It Can Happen"
    "One Foot, Other Foot"
    "Winters Go By"
    "Poor Joe"
    "A Fellow Needs Girl"
    "Mountain Greenery"
    "A Darn Nice Campus"
    "So Far"
    "You Are Never Away"
    "What a Lovely Day for a Wedding"
    "It May Be a Good Idea"
    "To Have and to Hold"
    "Wish Them Well"
    "Money Isn't Everything"
    "Yatata, Yatata, Yatata"
    "The Gentelman Is a Dope"
    "Come Home"

South Pacific (1949)

    "A Cockeyed Optimist"
    "Twin Soliloquies"
    "Some Enchanted Evening"
    "Bloody Mary"
    "There Is Nothin' Like a Dame"
    "Bali Ha'i"
    "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair"
    "A Wonderful Guy"
    "Younger than Springtime"
    "Happy Talk"
    "Honey Bun"
    "You've Got to Be Carefully Taught"
    "This Nearly Was Mine"
    "Loneliness of Evening"
    "My Girl Back Home"

The King and I (1951)

    "I Whistle a Happy Tune"
    "My Lord and Master"
    "Hello, Young Lovers"
    "March of the Siamese Children"
    "A Puzzlement"
    "Getting to Know You"
    "We Kiss in a Shadow"
    "Shall I Tell You What I Think of You"
    "Something Wonderful"
    "I Have Dreamed"
    "Shall We Dance"

Pipe Dream (1955)

    "All Kinds of People"
    "The Tide Pool"
    "Everybody's Got a Home But Me"
    "On a Lopsided Bus"
    "The Bum's Opera"
    "The Man I Used To Be"
    "Sweet Thursday"
    "Suzy Is a Good Thing"
    "All At Once You Love Her"
    "The Happiest House on the Block"
    "The Party That We're Gonna Have Tomorrow Night"
    "Will You Marry Me?"
    "How Long?"
    "The Next Time It Happens"

Cinderella (1957)

    "In My Own Little Corner"
    "The Prince Is Giving a Ball"
    "Royal Dressing Room Scene"
    "Impossible: It's Possible"
    "Ten Minutes Ago"
    "Stepsister' Lament"
    "Waltz for a Ball"
    "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?"
    "When You're Driving Through the Moonlight"
    "A Lovely Night"
    "The Search"
    "The Wedding"
    "Mother and Daughter March"
    "In My Own Little Corner"
    "Waltz for a Ball"
    "A Lovely Night"

Flower Drum Song (1958)

    "You Are Beautiful"
    "A Hundred Million Miracles"
    "I Enjoy Being a Girl"
    "I Am Going To Like It Here"
    "Like a God"
    "Chop Suey"
    "Don't Marry Me"
    "Grant Avenue"
    "Love, Look Away"
    "At the Celestial Bar"
    "The Other Generation"
    "Wedding Parade"

The Sound of Music (1959)

    "The Sound of Music"
    "I Have Confidence" (1965 film)
    "My Favorite Things"
    "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"
    "The Lonely Goatherd"
    "How Can Love Survive?"
    "So Long, Farewell"
    "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"
    "Something Good" (1965 film)
    "No Way to Stop It"
    "An Ordinary Couple"

RODGERS (music and lyrics)

No Strings (1962)

    "The Sweetest Sounds"
    "How Sad"
    "Loads of Love"
    "The Man Who Has Everything"
    "Be My Host"
    "La La La"
    "You Don't Tell Me"
    "Love Makes the World Go Round"
    "Nobody Told Me"
    "Look No Further"
    "An Orthodox Fool"
    "Eager Beaver"
    "No Strings"

Photo courtesy of the Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization.
Used by permission.