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Stem Cell Research: An NPR Special Report
A 'Virtual Roundtable' on Federal Funding

Some of the nation's leading scientists, ethicists and advocates have entered the debate on whether the federal government should fund stem cell research. Here, offers a "virtual roundtable" discussion in which six of these experts outline their positions, pro and con.

The roundtable participants:

"The politics of abortion keep stem cell research in limbo."
Daniel Perry, executive director, Alliance for Aging Research

"Keep stem cell research publicly funded, carefully regulated."
Arti K. Rai, assistant professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School

"These studies are of great importance for biomedicine."
Ihor Lemischka, associate professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University

"Conduct studies in which no humans are killed to obtain stem cells, and no patients are harmed from receiving them."
Micheline Mathews-Roth, MD, associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School

"Human beings should not be biological raw material."
Douglas Johnson, legislative director, National Right to Life Committee

"Instead, increase funding for adult stem cell research."
David A. Prentice, founding member, Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics