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Digital Dirt    November 14, 2001

Foster Pup Saga Continues

Beagle Debris
Cute or What?
I never said I didn't love him!

The skies are gray, the leaves are falling, and I'm feeling the hot breath of dog down my neck. Bailey's been with me now since, I don't know, sometime in September, and it's time to get serious about finding him a permanent home. Yes, yes, it's perfectly obvious that I am crazy about this dog. Particularly when we're cozied up in the house. But Bailey's idea of bliss is to be running around like a wound-up bunny chasing like-minded friends, who -- if they're really special -- will chase him back.

Not So Still Portrait
Have you any idea what four paws can do to this serene planting of hebe, black mondo grass and golden sedum?
Bailey's Watering Hole
Admittedly, he can't hurt the hardscape, but he does a mean G.I. Joe imitation in the bamboo behind.

Read My Lips
Read My Lips
Oh, my god, says Della, when is he leaving? Although she doesn't mind him when he follows her lead...
Dog Debris
Dog Debris
Della and Bailey doing their stuffed dog imitation. We should all sleep so well.
So take a good look at Della (above), consider the size of my garden, and ask not how I can give up Bailey. Better, ask yourself whether you know anyone in Portland who might offer him a more perfect home!

Red garden
Beagle Fairy Godmother



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