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Plant Profiles

Yikes! It's the Attack of the Aroids! Wearing helmetlike spathes over their spiked spadices, they are multiplying in numbers and stealing gardeners' souls.
Bob's Flowers
Bob's Flowers

And the Envelope Please...
In a special two-part feature, Ketzel shares the latest dirt on the Great Fence Challenge, and gives us the inside skinny on a couple of plants awarded high honors around the country.

Desert Wildflowers
It was a grueling assignment -- traveling to the most floriferous wildflower display in twenty years -- but somebody had to it. Join Ketzel for a quick gallop through the Sonoran Desert west of Tucson.

Try This At Home
Is it an ideology or a gardening club? It's both! While prepping the yard for her new fence, Ketzel and some of her unruly horthead friends stumble upon a plant society. Get out the white gloves!

Online Gardeners Unite!
Here are some of The Doyenne's favorite gardening resources on the web. Check out her luscious links and entice us with a few of your own.

Ask Ketzel
This week we're saving agave, praising sweet olive, using corn gluten to kill weeds and cutting grapevines down to size.



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