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Why We Hate

From bullying to hate crimes, cruelty is all around us. So what makes us hate? Is it learned or innate? This hour TED speakers explore the causes and consequences of hate - and how we can fight it.

What Makes Us Hate? Is It Learned or Innate? Dian Lofton/Shutterstock hide caption

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Dian Lofton/Shutterstock


Networks surround and sustain us, in nature, in our bodies, in relationships, in the digital world. This hour, TED speakers explore how we rely on networks and how we have the power to shape them.

How do our connections define the world around us? iStockphoto hide caption

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Hidden Potential

Are grit and perseverance enough to succeed? Or does someone need to give you a chance? This hour, TED speakers explore why some are overlooked despite their talents, and how that can begin to change.

Hidden Potential iStock/ Dian Lofton hide caption

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iStock/ Dian Lofton


Some scientists say we're in a new geological age where humans are having an unprecedented impact on Earth. This hour, TED speakers ask what this means for the future of our planet, and our species.

What does the age of humans mean for Earth? Shutterstock hide caption

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The Person You Become

Over the course of our lives, we shed parts of our old selves, embrace new ones, and redefine who we are. This hour, TED speakers explore ideas about the experiences that shape the person we become.

The Person You Become Jenn Liv hide caption

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Jenn Liv