TED Radio Hour A journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, and new ways to think and create. Based on riveting TEDTalks from the world's most remarkable minds.

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Solving It

In this hour, TED speakers share some big ideas on how to solve the seemingly impossible.

"We need to find ways to embrace these challenges ... because ultimately, our humanity depends on everyone's humanity." —Bryan Stevenson iStockPhoto hide caption

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In this hour, TED speakers question whether we can experience the world more deeply by not only extending our senses — but going beyond them.

Could we all perceive reality in a richer way? iStock hide caption

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Do We Need Humans?

In this episode, TED speakers consider the promises and perils of our relationship with technology.

Can we improve technology and preserve human dignity? Thinkstock hide caption

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In this hour, TED speakers describe their journeys to answer the question: who am I?

"Stories move like whirling dervishes ... they connect all humanity, regardless of identity politics." — Elif Shafak, novelist Ryan McVay/Getty Images hide caption

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Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Simply Happy

In this hour, finding happiness may be simpler than you think.

Is the path to happiness simpler than we realize? iStock hide caption

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