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Networks surround and sustain us, in nature, in our bodies, in relationships, in the digital world. This hour, TED speakers explore how we rely on networks and how we have the power to shape them.

How do our connections define the world around us? iStockphoto hide caption

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The Hero's Journey

From the Odyssey, to Robinson Crusoe, to Star Wars — why are we drawn to stories about heroes? And what do they tell us about ourselves? This hour, TED speakers explore what makes a hero's journey.

Why are we drawn to stories about heroic journeys? According to mythologist Joseph Campbell, it's personal: "[The journey] is a fundamental experience that everyone has to undergo." Stocksy hide caption

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Simply Happy

In this hour, finding happiness may be simpler than you think.

Is the path to happiness simpler than we realize? iStock hide caption

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Believers And Doubters

In this hour, TED speakers offer perspectives on belief from all ends of the spectrum, from atheists to the devout.

What does it mean to believe? flcarcavallo/Thinkstock hide caption

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In a world that seems more divided than ever, how do we begin to find middle ground? This episode, TED speakers on how to look past anger, fear, and even violence to reconcile our differences.

How do we come together, even when it feels impossible? iStockphoto hide caption

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