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Fixing Our Broken Systems

We depend on rules, guidelines and laws to provide structure, order and function, but too often these systems fail us. Here's a look at how trust and practical wisdom could mend education, medicine and the law. Plus, can games solve real world problems?

The Power Of Crowds

Technology-enabled collaboration draws us closer, makes us smarter and allows us to innovate using the wisdom of a crowd. A new wave of collaborative consumption is transforming consumerism and the rules of engagement. What's the true potential of crowdsourcing?

Food Matters

A cornucopia of TEDTalks about food: growing it, cooking it, consuming it — and making sure there's enough for everyone. Feast on stories about saving seeds to protect the future of food, the daily miracle of feeding a city, and what's in kids' lunches. For dessert, hear a chef's tale of the best fish he ever ate.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Being happy is a universal human yearning, but this simple goal often eludes us. If we're truly able to attain happiness, then how do we find it? Three TED speakers offer some big ideas for achieving happiness.

Our Buggy Brain

Our amazing brain performs harmonious functions and peculiar actions that might seem counterintuitive. What tricks make us think it's okay to cheat or steal? Are we in control of our own decisions? Why do our brains misjudge what will make us happy?

"Most animals learn by trial and error. There's just one problem: error." - Dan Gilbert Shutterstock hide caption

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