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Africa: The Next Chapter

There are many stereotypes about Africa: that it's a place of conflict, of disease, war and famine. Or that it's a single place rather than a continent of 54 distinct countries. We'll engage with thinkers and doers who are constructing new realities for their respective countries — and for the African continent a whole.

Building A Better Classroom

Getting a good education is important, but does the current model nurture real learning? Here, we look at powerful ideas on how to change education: flipping classrooms, rethinking lesson plans and re-imagining the role of teacher and student.

The Future Of Cities

For the first time in history, more than half the world's population lives in cities. What draws people to them? What changes when people live closer together? Investigating the future of our urban zones, and what cities offer toward a sustainable future.

Where Ideas Come From

Understanding where ideas come from can help us harness the power of our thoughts. In this hour, we look at what happens when ideas interact and procreate, then at how to broaden our approach to cultivating ideas from the quieter voices in the room.

The Creative Process

How are we inspired? Describing the creative process can be a real challenge. In this hour we'll hear from TED speakers — a poet, a novelist and a singer/songwriter — who explore how the initial inkling of idea becomes a fully formed work of art.