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along for the ride

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Who? Along for the Ride's co-creators, Melissa Giraud and Alice Winkler, would like to thank Kevin Klose, the staff of NPR's Anthem, and the margaritas at the Austin Grill on 7th Street for their initial support and encouragement. Melissa Giraud gives props to Bill Davis, Walter Watson, Kitty Eisele, Andy Trudeau, Erik Dunham, Chris Mandra, Barbara Rehm and MJ Bear for their support in transforming Along for the Ride into a year-long radio series and Web show.

Melissa Giraud is the Producer of Along for the Ride on the radio and on the Web. Susan Davis edits the show and is responsible for our genius Web quizzes. Marcus Rosenbaum is Executive Editor of the radio series. Erik "2 Webbies" Dunham designed the site and Chris "I Know You Can" Mandra oversaw its production. Thanks also to Katie Parker, Michael Yoch, Ken Goldberg, Jayme Deerwester, Todd Holman, the staff of WATC and the entire NPR Design Suite.

What? Along for the Ride is a monthly radio series on Weekend All Things Considered and a Web show on the NPR site. Our mission is to bring you America through a different pair of eyes each episode.

Here's how it works. For each installment of Along for the Ride we recruit a different creative person to be our artist reporter. We collaborate with the artist reporter to produce a feature story that interests her and takes us out of the studio. The produced piece airs on NPR's Weekend All Things Considered. After the radio broadcast on WATC, we post the piece and other related material on the Web.

We hope you enjoy Along for the Ride. And of course we welcome your comments and suggestions and even your artful responses to our stories. Send them to