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amy storrow

As cool as Doville is, it may not be the coolest place in the country (because the coolest place is where you live). What are America's most architecturally wondrous communities? If you can answer the following five questions you'll have yourself a mighty good list.

Two brothers pioneered a new system of building houses. They created a planned community on Long Island (New York) where the houses were 60 feet apart and constructed out of preassembled sections and components that were added to concrete slabs on a sort of assembly line. Name the brothers and you've named the town.
Levittown, NEW YORK

In 1952 Developer Robert Davenport, architect Charles M. Goodman and landscape architects Lou Bernard Voigt, Eric Paepcke and Dan Kiley completed their work on a community of modern homes in a wooded landscape called Hollin Hills. The homes were (mostly) a sly union of the suburban ranch house and the windowed modernist box. Where is this community and what big city is it near?
Hollin Hills, VIRGINIA

In Sante Fe, New Mexico there is an single street zoned only for "residential arts and crafts" where the architecture has roots in the ancient villages of Mexico, Spain and Moorish Africa. Can you name the street?
Canyon Road

For decades, there was an area in Atlanta that was known as the black downtown. It's home to APEX and was once a hotbed of Civil Rights activism. What was the area called? (Bonus points if you can tell us what APEX stands for.)
Sweet Auburn
Atlanta, GEORGIA

In Mason City, Iowa, architect Walter Griffin designed a "democratic" community of Prairie-style houses that shared a creek bank as common space. He transformed a former garbage dump into the wooded community know as. . . . .?
Rock Crest-Rock Glen
Mason City Iowa, IOWA