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Click the image above to view a panoramic image of the Fairway cheese cave.

Humboldt Fog
Mary Keehn and her four daughters make this wonderful goats cheese in McKingleyville, California
$4.69 1/4 lb.

Humboldt Fog

Shepherd's Cheese
Extraordinary in all respects. Long lingering flavor. Toothsome texture.
$5.49 1/4 lb.

Vermont Shepherd's Cheese

amy wilensky


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READ listeners' cheese recommendations and submit your own.

Steven Jenkins on why his kids hate cheese: "[in my house] you open the refrigerator door and it lets out an effluvium of bark-peeling odor. These are smelly cheeses!"

Steven Jenkins' Recommended Cheeses

Afuega l'Pitu - A cow's milk cheese from Asturias, Spain. In his book, Cheese Primer, Steve comments: "Though definitely piquant, Afuega l'Pitu is intensely nutty rather than ferocious".

Cabrales (also called Picon) - Another Asturian cheese, this cave-aged blue cheese is made from a mix of cow's, sheep's and goat's milk. Jenkins refers to this one as the "cheese that made me weep!" or the "manly cheese".

Le Chatelain Camembert- A cow's milk cheese from Normandie, France. Smelling this cheese, Steven Jenkins had to compare it to "the feet of God!"

Gaperon - A cow's milk cheese that dates back to the Punic Wars (264-146 B.C.) from an area of France that wasn't France at the time. It's always made with chunks of garlic and peppercorns mixed in.

Humboldt Fog - This farmstead goat's milk cheese is made in McKinnleyville, California. Steven claims "if I had you every day for a month I could blow you away with [this] American cheese".

Torta del Casar - A sheep's milk cheese from Estremadura, Spain. Steven calls this one the "cheese of the decade". He recommends that you serve it at room temperature and dip into it like custard, with spoons.

Vermont Shepherd's Cheese - An aged sheep's milk cheese from northeastern Vermont, Steve calls it "as good as anything from the Pyreenes or north of Spain that I've ever tasted".

Steven Jenkins book on cheese is called Cheese Primer (Workman Publishing). Steven Jenkins' cheese department located in NYC's Fairway Market.