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Along for the Ride
Fine olive oil is a new passion of Amy's.
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Fine olive oil is a new passion of Amy's.

Cheese Primer by Steve Jenkins

Cheese Primer

amy wilensky


LISTEN to Olive Oil Basics.

LISTEN to Well-dressed Olives.


EXPERIENCE the Olive Display.

SEE a Blood Orange exposed.

Amy loves grocery stores. She visits at least one every day, often just to look around. She compares the experience of looking down rows of chutneys, jams, and meats to that of a jewelry collector window shopping at Tiffany's. Although Amy is especially drawn to the Fairway cheese department, she sees beauty in other areas too. Amy Wilensky sees beauty in the necessary organization of food in a supermarket.

We went food shopping with Amy so that she could reveal the sublime in her favorite aisles of her favorite market.

Since mastering cheese, Steven Jenkins has moved on to other foodstuffs. He now lectures internationally about olive oil too. His reverence for and knowledge of olives rivals the best in the business.

Steven works his magic at NYC's Fairway Market.