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Along for the Ride
The B-side . . .
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Flip's B-side ...

flip orley

Life with Flip involves classic rock in the car, Jimmy Stewart on the VCR and pizza for dinner. Read on to find out why.

The Printed Word

A book you're reading this month
"Time For A Change" by Richard Bandler - non-fiction

3 favorite books
"The collected papers of Milton H. Erickson" - a 4 volume set
"The Mormon Murders"
"Foul - The Connie Hawkins story"

Your favorite poem
I like poetry, but I don't have a favorite poem.

A classic "must-read" book that you couldn't stand
"Moby Dick"

The 3 writers, living or dead, you'd want to have a beer with
Milton Erickson
Peter Lynch

The one standby children's book you give to the children you know
Miss Piggle Wiggle

Anything you've ever read that changed your mind drastically
My first book on hypnosis

Favorite expression or literary analogy you (over)use
That and $3.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks

Magazine, journal, or zine we'd be most likely to find if we searched your bag
Smart Money or Guitar Player

You're a bumpersticker. You read:
"Stop being a victim" or "Take some personal responsibility"


A favorite song from your adolescence
Jethro Tull - Album "Aqualung" song - "Wind-Up"

A piece of music you hate to admit you like
some Village People & some Hoyt Axton

A song that makes you dance
"Whip It"

The kind of music you listen to when doing housework
"Classic Rock"

The last CD you bought
ELO - "Zoom"

The album on your shelf with the most worn grooves
Pink Floyd - "Pulse"

Your favorite venue for live music
"Celebrity Theatre" Phoenix, AZ

3 tunes you'd include in a soundtrack of your life
Jethro Tull - "Wind-Up"
Tom Petty - "I won't back down"
Jackson Browne - "The Load Out"

Your rock-n-roll fantasy
Play guitar well enough to do it live on stage

Music you listen to in the car
Classic Rock

Music you woo with
Al Green, Rickie Lee Jones, Lisa Loeb, Maylee Thomas, Frank Sinatra

A song you wish you'd written
Adam Sandler's - "Medium Pace"

The instrument you studied as a child

A tune you like to wallow in
I don't like to wallow

Movies, Theater, TV

The last movie or play you loved

Your all-time favorite scene
There are a lot to choose from, but one that quickly comes to my mind is in
"Harlem Nights" when Eddie Murphy shoots Della Reese in the pinky toe. Or
Jimmy Stewart in "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" when he filibusters

The best movie to see on a date
I've been married for a while, but to me a good date movie is one where there is something for both parties. The most recent movie that would have been a date movie was "The Wedding Singer" (modern comedy with some sweet moments and a fun soundtrack)

Director to watch
Guy Ritchie

A TV show you can't miss
Behind the Music

TV shows you grew up watching
tons of shows. I was part of the TV generation Dick Van Dyke, Hogan's Heros, Happy Days, Lavern & Shirley, Star Trek, Lost in Space, Batman, The Green Hornet, (just to name a few) Local show in Phoenix, AZ Wallace & Ladmo


Team you follow rabidly
Detroit Redwings

Favorite on-field or on-court moment
Most recent time the NY Rangers won the Stanley Cup

Back Home

The thing that's changed the most in the place you grew up
Freeways - in Phoenix there weren't any.

The career your parents wished you'd pursue - that you didn't

An unusual family tradition
During Easter, my wife's family "pocks eggs." That's where 2 people take an Easter egg and the hit the ends together. The egg that cracks is the loser, and the one that doesn't crack wins. People do that all over South Louisiana, but I've never heard of that anywhere else.

Tell us about the neighborhood that you live in now
I live in a quiet subdivision with families whose children are a little older and for the most part have already moved out.

The pressing cultural issues in your neighborhood ...
Reviving the "Cajun" culture.


Your favorite Web sites,,,,

What you hate most about America..
So many people want to be victims and have basically lost their sense of humor

Name 3 things on your current to-do list
Improve my guitar skills; finish writing the scripts to a couple new CDs; continue writing stage material

Fill in the blank. There ought to be a law ...
to limit special interest groups from doing back door deals with the President or congress.

Describe your favorite teacher.
Her name was Mrs. Shafton. My teacher in elementary school. She really seemed to love to teach. She took a personal interest in the students. She made learning fun. There was a real effort on her part to involve the students in the subjects she taught. I can't remember any teacher that made me more comfortable and interested in learning.

Name your pet peeve
People who want something for nothing. Life owes no one!

If you were to make a meal of your comfort foods, what would be on the menu?
I've got 2 different menus. Coffee, grilled chicken salad, garlic bread diet coke, pizza with mushrooms, onions, & jalapenos (pepperoni optional)

Interest of yours would most surprise the people who don't know you well
I ride a Harley

A good story about your pet ...
My wife and I had bought a dog on an impulse from a pet store. Five days later we realized we didn't have the ability to give it a good home due to our travel schedule. We called Vets in our area to see if they knew of a family that would give a brand new puppy a good home. The Vet called someone he knew and we sold the family the dog for 10% of what we paid for it. We only wanted to cover the shots all puppies get. The lady said she wanted us to give her a 1 year unconditional warranty on the puppy. I told her I wasn't going to warranty a puppy. We were selling it to her for the cost of the puppies shots. She said she wanted a warranty and I said, "I'm selling the dog, As Is! No warranties!" So she finally said she would take the dog.

Make your own headlines for recent news
Presidential election too close to call, will wait for results

What delights you most
Seeing my wife smile

Your ideal death if you could choose
Fast and painless

Your tombstone might read
YOU go to sleep