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Along for the Ride
This month's listener ride topic:  transformation
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Now for carpal tunnel pose ...

flip orley

We asked you to submit a written story 300 words or less about being hypnotized, discovering yoga, meeting the person who changed your life or anything else that relates to this episode with Flip Orley. Many of you wrote in to vote for your favorite listener "ride" and we have a winner. Congratulations to Cathy L. from Apex, North Carolina! We call her ride (below) ...

Extreme Yoga

Remind me to never pressure my significant other to participate in an activity he is not real excited about. One Saturday, we enrolled and attended a Yoga on a Roll class. It was the first lesson ever taught by the instructor and improvisation was the word. First the premise; you combine yoga poses while sitting on large inflated balls.

Sound interesting? It was indeed.

After loosening up, and "finding our center" while sitting on the balls, the instructor suggested we improvise and attempt anything that appealed to us. With her encouragement, 8 people gathered in a circle began flinging arms, riding bronco, and literally dancing on the balls. The balls were not nice and responded accordingly, bucking folks off, at an alarming rate. My darling 6'4" 210 lb. hubby was kicked from his mare and came crashing down on my foot. The crack was audible and momentarily stunned everyone into silence. Being the well brought up, noncomplaining, and certainly "Don't rain on anyone's parade" type girl, I murmured "I'll be okay, please continue on without me." and dragged myself into the corner of the room.

Later at the emergency room, the staff nearly fell out, when I stated I broke my foot during Yoga and how. The upshot is that now both my husband and I regularly practice a more traditional Yoga. His guilty feelings necessitated him to give the practice one more try. And no more accidents to date.