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Along for the Ride
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This is a really "micro" bus

along for the ride

Listenhow to listen

These instructions will help you download the RealMedia Player. To download the RealMedia Player plus, or for other information about Real Network's RealAudio, we suggest you consult the site's home page.

For the free Player, go to the Product Download Page.

Under the Products bar, we recommend you choose the current version of free RealPlayer Basic.

You'll be asked to select an OS Platform. This means the operating system running your computer -- Windows95/98, Windows NT, Mac OS or Linux.

Then you'll select a processor type. This means the hardware running your machine and should be on the label on the front. For example, Pentium, 486 and Power PC are all processor types. If you can't match a label on your machine, then choose "other."

Finally the connection speed. If you're trying to do this from home, you're probably on a 14.4 or 28.8 modem. If you're connecting at work you could be using a T-1 or an ISDN line. This is something important to know about your system -- it determines the speed of your connection to the Internet and ultimately what you can or can't do on-line.

After you've downloaded and run the set-up for the RealMedia Player you'll be able to click on any of the NPR audio links and listen in style.