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Along for the Ride
Jon with Joey Ramone. . .
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Joey Ramone and a fresh-from-Wales Jonny Langford met when the Mekons played NYC's Kit Kat Klub in 1987.

and others
of Jon's
"Death of

Paintings by Jon Langford

jon langford

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Jon Langford first came to this country from his native Wales with his fiery punk rock band, the Mekons, in 1980. The Mekons were art students from the University of Leeds who counted the Ramones as an early inspiration.

Jon shuffled between the U.S. and Great Britian for a decade or so before finally deciding to stay in 1992, settling in Chicago. He may be best known for his work with The Mekons, but heís also a vital part of Chicagoís alternative country scene, fronting several bands including The Waco Brothers, and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts. And thereís also his recent solo project, his album Skull Orchard. Jon has used his outsider status to dive deep into American culture and pull the best bits to the surface.

Ever the visual artist, Jon creates the art work for album covers, and shows his paintings and stone carvings around the country. In Nashville, one of his exhibitions called The Death of Country Music, rendered the forgotten heroes of Country Music (one of Americaís truly original art forms) on canvas and in carvings on pink granite headstones. Jonís simultaneous careers as a punk rocker and an crooner are not contradictory, a do-it-yourself, stay hungry, stay-true-to-your-convictions spirit informs both occupations. And Jonís paintings and carvings, as literal as they are insightful, are this same spirit made manifest.