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Along for the Ride
Gung ho!  Tycoon and more . . .
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John in Vegas, after a night of roulette ...


john ridley


LISTEN to John's piece about -- egads! -- comic book fans. It aired on Weekend All Things Considered.

LISTEN to a read excerpt from John's latest book Everybody Smokes in Hell.

HEAR John interview one of his favorite authors, suspense writer Donald Westlake.

John Ridley's been Along for the Ride for a couple years now. He was featured on one of our original pilots and will surely hold a prominent place in the Along for the Ride museum and always in our hearts and minds. We'll always have Las Vegas. John has since become a commentator on NPR's Morning Edition. But oh, his life experience stretches far beyond the medium of radio.

John has written several novels including Everyone Smokes in Hell and Love is a Racket. He performed stand-up on the Letterman show in New York before becoming a writer for television shows such as Martin and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in LA. The Oliver Stone film U-Turn was based on John's novel Stray Dogs. And Stone's Three Kings was based on a Ridley story. Last season, John was a writer and producer on the NBC television series Third Watch. His animated series on the Web, Undercover Brother, is currently being developed into a feature movie.