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Along for the Ride
Action figures, comic books, videogames ...
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A shrine to the imagination or a comic book junkie's lair...?

john ridley


LISTEN to John and his friend Adam Fierro talk about the Super Janitor, one of their favorite heroes.

CONSIDER John and Adam's complaints about the recent group of superhero names.

GET THE DIRT on the latest marital woes of Lois Lane and Superman. And you thought your husband was out at all hours!

MEET the women of the superhero world: John and Adam discuss Back Seat Driver Girl, Whiney Woman and the status of female superheroes.

QUESTION: Why is it so hard for superhero guys to get chicks? John and Adam discuss.

BREAK the Justice League's glass ceiling! Hear John and Adam lay out the closed network that is the JLA.

SCREAM "Batman!" What else can you do? John and Adam on the Dark Knight.

John and his friend Adam Fierro talk comics in John's home office. Hear the discussion above. Join the discussion via email at