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Along for the Ride
Up, up... and off this shelf!
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Up, up... and off this shelf!

john ridley

A day with John involves The Dark Knight, ABBA, Greenbay and humor that cuts to the quick.

The Printed Word

A book you're reading this month
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

3 favorite books
Love is a Racket by John Ridley
The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler.

Your favorite poem
Kipling's "IF"

A classic "must-read" book that you couldn't stand
Kerouak's On the Road

The 3 writers, living or dead, you'd want to have a beer with
Jim Thompson, Donald Westlake, John Fante

A book you give to the children you know
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Name of the book you want to write but know you never will
Myth of Being

Anything you've ever read that changed your mind drastically
The Fountain Head

Poem you could recite from memory if you had to
A Shakespeare Sonet - 114, or was it 116. I remember the poem, but not the number.

Favorite expression or literary analogy you (over)use
At the end of the day

The most underrated piece of writing you've come across
My own

Magazine, journal, or zine we'd be most likely to find if we searched your bag

You're a bumpersticker. You read:
Hang up and drive!


A favorite song from your adolescence
Dancing Queen

A piece of music you hate to admit you like
Dancing Queen

A song that makes you dance
Dancing Queen

The kind of music you listen to when doing housework
Dancing Queen

The last CD you bought
Danc... Kidding. "Mezzanine" by Massive Attack

The album on your shelf with the most worn grooves
All my Sade

Your favorite venue for live music
Universal Amphitheater

3 tunes you'd include in a soundtrack of your life
Semi-charmed Kind of Life, and two others I can't think of

Your rock-n-roll fantasy
Chrissy Hynde drops by for a solo concert in my back yard

Music you listen to in the car
Far too much techno

Music you woo with

A song you wish you'd written
Almost any Pretender's song

The instrument you studied as a child

A tune you like to wallow in
"Dancing Queen"

Movies, Theater, TV

The last movie or play you loved
Beauty Queen of Leahnan

The best movie to see on a date
Whatever SHE wants

Actor you have a crush on
Bai Ling

Favorite director
John Woo/Tsui Hark

Most annoying camera technique
Rack Focus

Give us a concept for a sitcom starring yourself
A guy who answers questionnaires

TV shows you grew up watching


Team you follow rabidly
Green Bay Packers