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Along for the Ride
Black, White, Other.
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Black, White, Other?

lise funderburg


READ Lise's recent essay about her substantial calves and other "identifiers" for TIME Magazine.

READ Lise's recent essay about Yoga for TIME Magazine.

Writer Lise Funderburg has a lot of stuff. She lives in a lovely old house in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Lise gets most of her stuff from thrift stores and yard sales. She's been "thrifting" nearly all her life and is quite an expert at it. She habitually visits a circuit of thrift stores in and around Philadelphia in search of treasures for herself and her many friends and family members.

When she's not thrifting or visiting yard or estate sales, Lise is a senior writer for TIME magazine. She also writes books like Black, White, Other and two that she's working on now: one about longstanding racially and socio-economically integrated communities and another which is a social history of her father.