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Along for the Ride
Michele had mole at the wedding
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Mole that's thick and rich and chocolate!

michele serros


LISTEN to Michele's hunt for comfort food that aired on Weekend All Things Considered.


FOLLOW Amilcar's mother's mole recipe.

LEA la receta Amilcar nos da para hacer mole.

Quiesqueya is another name for the Dominican Republic. And Quiesqueya Heights is the unofficial name of the mostly Dominican neighborhood in the Washington Heights area of upper Manhattan. It is this Quiesqueya - Quiesqueya on the Hudson - which Michele has adopted as her NYC neighborhood.

And it was in the "Latino" restaurants and grocery stores of Quisqueya Heights that Michele saught out her ultimate comfort food, CalMex-style mole. She took her friend Amilcar Serrano, a Mexican immigrant to Dominican Quisqueya Heights, along as her guide.


Michele's mole recipe

This one's quick enough for the girl on the go!
Heat up chicken broth and slowly add Dona Maria mole mix.
Add sugar and Ibarra chocolate to taste.
Anything goes. Add peanut butter if you have a hankering.
Pour over cheese or chicken enchiladas and enjoy!