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Along for the Ride
Michele met Amilcar when they were both reading Metal Maniacs at a magazine stand.
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Amilcar's hometown, Tlappa, in Guerrero, Mexico, has a majority indigenous population.

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LEA ESTA PAGINA en español.

LISTEN to Amilcar Serrano talk music with Michele.

LISTEN to the song "Estas perdido" by Amilcar Serrano's punk en español band, Huasipungo.

LISTEN to the song "Oi Por Hoy" by Huasipungo.

Michele's friend Amilcar Serrano grew up in the small town of Tlappa in Guerrero, Mexico. His family left in 1990 hoping to find a better economic situation in NYC. Amilcar worked as a busboy and a bakery cook and is currently working as a chef at a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan. He is heartsick for his extended family and friends back in Mexico. His days in NYC are spent working many hours so he doesn't have the time he once has to spend with family and friends.

Amilcar's love of music began young and long before he came to NYC and started his (now broken up) punk en español band, Huasipungo. His influences range from racheros to punk and cross various boundaries of language and culture. We asked him to give us his top ten list - top ten bands and a favorite pick from each. Here's his list.

La Polla Records: a punk rock band from Spain
My Favorite Song: Mis Riñnes

Pedro Infante: the greatest Mexican ranchero-bolero singer
My Favorite Song: 100 Años

Masacre68: a very left-wing Mexican hard-core band often harassed by the police, they no longer exist
My Favorite Song: Crimen Capitalista

Javier Solis: Mexican ranchero-bolero singer
My Favorite Song: Payaso

Kortatu: Punk rock band from Spain
My Favorite Song: Hotel Monbar

Silvio Rodrigues: Cuban Trova singer
My Favorite Song: Rabo de Nube

Caifanes: Mexican rock band
My Favorite Song: Ojo de Venado and los Dioses Ocultos

Los Tigres del Norte: Mexican polka and corridos band
My Favorite Song:
La Jaula de Oro

Sepultura: Metal,hard-core band from Brasil
My Favorite Song: Arise

Bad Religion: Melodic punk rock from the US
My Favorite Song: Most all of their songs. I have most of their records I have seen them many times

Learn more about Amilcar's band, Huasipugno at their Web site.