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Celia Perez's zine I Dreamed I Was Assertive is one of Michele's favorites...

michele serros

About this zine: One of Michele's favorite zines is called I Dreamed I Was Assertive!. Creator Celia Perez self-publishes Assertive out of the small apartment she shares with her husband in Tampa, Florida.

Celia's zine story:
"In the past eight years I have created several zines including Hickey Underworld, To Hell in a Handbasket, I Dreamed I Was Assertive!, Gringolandia, and picaflor. I first learned about and became interested in zines through my knowledge of their existence in the punk community. I decided to create my own during a summer of boredom, and unless they've thrown their copies away, there are only about 5 in existence of that first zine. That embarrassing first attempt is kept under lock and key in my parents' home in Miami.

"Over the years my zines have become my preferred method of therapy, my inconsistent journals, and an amazing way to connect with people across the world (including one Senorita Serros!). I think my favorite zine that I've created has been Gringolandia. I only made 30 of these and gave them mostly to friends and family. It was sort of a compilation of things I'd written in other zines, but it really meant a lot to me because it was the first time my family read my writing.

"Whenever I look back on my zines (like now!) I can't help but feel like jeez, what the hell was I thinking writing that? It's interesting to note on one hand how dopey I was at that particular time in my life, and on the other hand, how some things never change. I like the idea that in this technology-dependent world in which our words are becoming temporary (here one day, gone the next: 'ERROR. THAT PAGE DOES NOT EXIST.') these zines will be records of my existence, my thoughts, and my life. For those of us who are not the rich and famous, it's nice to know that in the future, our words will still be around."

Anyone interested in contacting Celia about her zine can find her at: Anyone who would like to send her old postcards or photographs, mixed tapes, adoring letters, zines, etc. can also email her at the above address.