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Along for the Ride
Rose Marie preps to go  . . .
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Foils: Rose Marie and outdoor adventurer Mark Jenkins

paisley rekdal

READ fiction writer Rose Marie London's story "Please Avoid Wearing Your Spurs Inside as They Damage the Floors."

READ MORE of Rose Marie's work on-line at the Alsop Review and at the Del Sol Review.

Rose Marie London is a writer who lived in Manhattan most of her life. She used to work as an executive assistant at a publishing company where no one knew that she wrote. Every Wednesday she would take the subway uptown two stops for a voice lesson. Her coach told her that she would sing much more sweetly if she would just cut out the smoking and the drinking.

A few years ago she followed her mother out to Laramie. And shortly after that the man who would become her husband followed her there. Now they all live happily in the wide open plains of Wyoming. RoseMarie was a 2000 Fellow of the Ucross Foundation in Clearmont, Wyoming. Her work has appeared in many literary publications including Web Del Sol. She is hard at work on a novel and on contemplating giving up smoking and drinking.