March 5, 1997

Talk of the Nation
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First Hour: Partial-birth Abortion Debate

    Today Congress reintroduces a bill to ban a procedure known as partial-birth abortion. The debate was rekindled after the head of an organization representing abortion clinics admitted he lied during Congressional debates last year, underestimating the number of partial-birth abortions performed. Last year President Clinton vetoed a ban saying the procedure is extremely rare and only performed for reasons related to the health of the woman. Revisiting the partial-birth abortion debate, next on Talk of the Nation from NPR News.


Second Hour: An African-American Perspective On Africa

    Join Ray Suarez for a look at Africa as seen through the eyes of African-Americans. A new picture is starting to emerge of the continent as more African-Americans visit, work, and settle in Africa. Ray's guests will offer journalistic and personal perspectives of living and working in Africa. The changing relationship between Africa and's the Talk of the Nation from NPR News.


      Keith Richburg
      Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa
      (Basic Books 1997)
      Hong Kong Bureau Chief, Washington Post
      Eddy L. Harris
      several books including Still Life In Harlem (Henry Holt, 1996),
      Native Stranger
      (Random House, 1993),
      and Mississippi Solo (Lyons and Buford 1988)
      Writer in Residence, Washington University, St.Louis, MO
      Jill Jupiter Jones
      Doctoral candidate, Columbia University
      Former Peace Corps volunteer Niger, 1985-88
      Former administrative officer, Africare Guinea

      Listeners call in