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Reno Town Hall Meeting
Juan Williams

Sign in Lawlor, Nev.
Sign on the Lawlor Events Center announcing Talk of the Nation's live broadcast
Hour 1:

Is Gambling Becoming a National Pastime?

The gambling industry has become commonplace in the United States -- to some, it's as American as apple pie. From the bright lights of Las Vegas, to the numerous gambling boats now parked along the Mississippi River, Americans no longer have to travel far to place a bet. But has America gone too far? Is riverboat gambling really pouring that much money into local economies? Are we producing a future generation of gambling addicts? Listen as host Juan Williams and experts on the gaming industry discuss the future of gambling in America.

Hour 2:
Public Lands: Whose Land is this Anyway?

Around the country, signs of spring are popping up everywhere. Flowers are blooming, animals are migrating to their summer grounds, snow is melting, and rivers are beginning to rise. Many of us are heading to public beaches, parks and lakes to enjoy the warm weather, but do we take them for granted? What is the future of our public lands in America? Who makes decisions about how we use our land? And how should we preserve our natural resources? Listen as Juan and guests discuss how to best preserve our natural resources.

Hour One Guests:

Jan Jones
Senior Vice President of Communications and Government Affairs for Harrah's Entertainment, and former mayor of Las Vegas

Guy Rocha
Nevada State Historian

William Thompson
Professor of Public Administration, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and author of several books on gambling.

Hour Two Guests:

Susan Lynn
Executive Director of Public Resource Associates

Representative Jim Gibbon,
Nevada Congressman (R)

Stephen Trimble
Author of The Sagebrush Ocean

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