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Graham Norton

Graham Norton
Photo: Channel 4

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Click on Cruz Bustamante (above) to see his alter-ego according to this Los Angeles Times article.
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Budget Traveler Budget Traveler: And you thought those coach seats were uncomfortable.

Slip 'N' Suit Slip 'N' Suit: It's all fun and games until somebody sues.

Durwood Pickle Durwood Pickle: Name of the Year Award.

America's Pastime America's Pastime: Heckling.

Edward Teller Edward Teller: Who was not the father of the hydrogen bomb.

Librarians Librarians: Able to locate obscure texts in a single bound.


September 13, 2003

Welcome to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, NPR's weekly news quiz program. Find out how well you know your news by playing the interactive online version below. You can also listen to this week's show with host Peter Sagal.

Who's Carl This Time?

Quote 1 (Listen)
CARL: "When you make out that check, remember there are two L's in Halliburton."

That was David Letterman, giving Congress some helpful advice about an $87 billion bill they were asked to pay this week... for what?

Answer 1

Quote 2 (Listen)

CARL: "Some of my grandkids got in there. They come in and get on the computer. How do I get out of this? Dadgum it, got to get a lawyer on this."

That was 71-year-old Durwood Pickle -- yes, that's his real name -- Durwood Pickle, of Richardson, Texas, who was surprised to find he was one of the 261 people across the country slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly doing what?

Hint: It must have been those Lawrence Welk songs that got Mr. Pickle in a pickle.

Answer 2

Who's Carl Round II

Question 3 (Listen)
CARL: "(You're) the most incompetent revolutionary leader in history."

That's General Nasser Youssef yelling at his leader this week. Who is this incompetent revolutionary leader?

Answer 3

Question 4 (Listen)
CARL: "I think they should have been made to sing their favorite song."

That was David Bositis, a political observer, saying that an event this week would have been more interesting if its nine participants had been asked to sing their favorite songs instead of simply name them. What nine people?

Answer 4

Question 5 (Listen)

Carl: "For heaven's sakes, I am not! I am the father of two children. Will you please avoid this father thing?"

That's a man named Edward Teller who died this week at the age of 95. In that 1988 interview he was asserting angrily that he is not the father of what?

Answer 5

Limerick Challenge

Limerick 1: (Listen)

As things into black holes are flinging
Low frequencies seem to be ringing.
After the squelching,
Might they not be belching?
Well, let's say the black holes are __________.

Answer 1

Limerick 2: (Listen)

We reference girls sound our high clarion.
High overdue fines you'll be carryin'.
That doll's shushing action
Brings dissatisfaction.
Don't mess with a cranky __________.

Answer 2

Limerick 3: (Listen)

No, don't give me pie, not one piece.
And take me for walks, I'll chase geese.
If not, there's disaster;
I'll be plump like my master!
I beg you, don't make me __________.

Answer 3