Oct. 16, 2004

Welcome to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, NPR's weekly news quiz program. Find out how well you know your news by playing the interactive online version below. You can also listen to this week's show with host Peter Sagal.

Who's Carl This Time?

Quote 1 (Listen)

CARL: "Gosh, I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden. It's kind of one of those ex-agg-erations."

That was somebody making a firm denial on Wednesday night. Who was it?

Answer 1

Quote 2 (Listen)

CARL: "The president is an alien. You heard it here first. The president is an alien. That's your quote of the day. He has been getting information from Mars. The shock of the debate will be the president's alien past will be exposed..."

That is Bush/Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman addressing the controversy surrounding President Bush's appearance at the three debates. The questions are swirling about whether or not the president had a what?

Answer 2

Quote 3 (Listen)

CARL: "My boobs are killing me, and I don't know if I can stand it anymore."

That was a country singer saying she's finally giving up on her two national treasures, and will be undergoing breast reduction surgery... who?

Answer 3

Who's Carl This Time? Round II

Quote 4 (Listen)

CARL: "It is a good ink, a proven ink."

That's an official at an Indian paint company defending his company's indelible ink, which was blamed for chaos in what election?

Answer 4

Quote 5 (Listen)

CARL: "I've flown, I've become evil, loved, stopped and turned the world backward, I've faced my peers, I've befriended children and ... rescued cats from trees."

That was someone summing up his achievements in life, or at least in the movies... who flew away forever this week at the age of 52?

Hint: In his honor, Superman costumes are sure to be big this Halloween.

Answer 5

Quote 6 (Listen)

CARL: "If an inmate has a food-service background, obviously we will try to use that inmate in that area."

That was a prison official remarking that a certain new prisoner most likely ended up in the kitchen during her first week in the joint. Whose background will prove useful while serving time?

Hint: The slop will now be served with a lovely sprig of rosemary.

Answer 6

Limerick Challenge

Limerick 1: (Listen)

This here's what the doctor's staff mean:
If my drink has been short a half bean,
then I might get sent home
For "withdrawal syndrome."
I'm a mess with too little ________.

Answer 1

Limerick 2: (Listen)

No fear makes a Brit's eyes go wider
Than that of the silken thread glider.
"We do not fear death
or bad morning breath.
The thing we fear most is a________."

Answer 2

Limerick 3: (Listen)

On the subway I might get a sly nod.
I've the white cord and ear-buds. Oh my God.
I am taken aback.
Though I'm proud to buy Mac,
I'm ashamed to be seen with an ________.

Answer 3