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August 6, 2005

Welcome to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, NPR's weekly news quiz program. Find out how well you know your news by playing the interactive online version below. You can also listen to this week's show with host Peter Sagal.

Who's Carl This Time?

Quote 1 (Listen)

CARL: "(He seemed) most concerned about something we all worry about during home improvements -- hitting his head."

That's how CBS described this week's much-watched home-improvement-type-moment, when a man strolled outside with a hacksaw, forceps and scissors in order to fix -- what?

Answer 1

Quote 2 (Listen)

CARL: "The president is rubbing their faces with this guy's bushy mustache."

That's congressional expert Jack Pitney providing USA Today with a vivid description of the effect of a recess appointment made by President Bush this week. Who's getting to rub his moustache on people, without the advice and consent of the Senate? Hint: The people getting that moustache rubbed in their faces is the U.N.

Answer 2

Quote 3 (Listen)

Carl: "I have never used steroids. Period. Never."

That was from Congressional testimony last March. Next, the same guy speaking just this last Monday:

Carl: "I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period."

Who was that guy adding that important qualifier about his drug use?

Answer 3

Panel Round I

Question 1
This week, astronomers at Cal Tech announced the discovery of a tenth planet in our solar system, far beyond Pluto but half again as large. All of our stereotypes about Cal Tech astronomy types were confirmed when we learned that they had named this new celestial body -- what?

Hint: Well, to be fair, she does have a pretty celestial body in those re-runs. Hint: Imagine a planet with a leather bustier and a sword.

Answer 1

Question 2

Last week we reported that in a bold strategic move, the administration had changed the name of our current conflict from the Global War on Terror, or GWOT, to the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism, or G-SAVE. Well, this week, there was another change -- to what?

Answer 2

Question 3

British authorities are concerned, as we all are, about too much drinking among impressionable youth. To combat this, they have decreed that men depicted in alcohol ads must be... what?

Hint: George Clooney is out... Michael Chiklis is in.

Answer 3

Limerick Challenge

Limerick 1: (Listen)

In my fam'ly my brother's the prudest.
But of course he says I was the lewdest.
I lived "au natural"
So, bro, please be a pal.
Don't buy clothing to bury a ________.

Answer 1

Limerick 2: (Listen)

Hello Muddah, thank God it's not damp.
Things are "go" on our fireworks ramp.
Things I blow up don't burn,
So more badges I earn.
I learn all 'bout explosives at ________.

Answer 2

Limerick 3: (Listen)

The ad campaign's showing some nerves.
But some question the function it serves.
If girls love their faults
Sales will grind to a halt.
So watch out when promoting "real" ________.

Answer 3