Aug. 12, 2006

Welcome to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, NPR's weekly news quiz program. Find out how well you know your news by playing the interactive online version below. You can also listen to this week's show with host Peter Sagal.

Who's Carl This Time?

Quote 1

Carl: "I can't imagine all the millions of dollars that Colgate-Palmolive are going to reap from this. The dumpsters in Phoenix were filled with shampoo and toothpaste."

That was a man named Ray Watson, one of thousands of people who had to part with their bathroom kits now that new rules apply to what?

Answer 1

Quote 2

Carl: "For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot, I will not let this result stand."

That statement came from a modern-day patriot, who this week proved that nothing -- not poor poll numbers, not scorn from his party, not LOSING THE DAMN PRIMARY -- could stop him from running for Senate. Who?

Hint: The Joementum has come to a complete haltů

Answer 3

Quote 3

Carl: "It was a political calculation that his advisers persuaded him that he needed to do, and I think he knew it. I don't think he is resentful or angry or anything; I think he is resigned to it."

That was an unnamed source talking about whose selfless decision to cut his annual August vacation down to a paltry 10 days?

Hint: You'd think as leader of the free world he'd be racking up the comp time.

Answer 3