January 31, 1998

Host: Dan Coffey

Official Judge and Scorekeeper: Carl Kasell

In studio players this week:
•Roy Blount, Jr., Writer and Humorist
•Peter Sagal, Playwright
•Margot Kaufmann, Hollywood Correspondent for Pug Talk Magazine

Round 1: Week in Review
Mexico City losing Altitude, Lewinski Poetry, an Unsuitable Astronaut and more....

Round 2: "We'll Wait, You Tell Us" (Listener Segments)
• England aplogizes to Italy this week
• American Celebrity Finds Home in Cuba

Round 3: Lightning True or False

Round 4: "Gossip, Rumor & Innuendo" (people, entertainment news)
The Royal Spice Girl, an Ill-Advised Ray Charles Tribute and more...

Round 5: "Why Should We Know Who You Are?" (mystery newsmaker)
Metallurgist with Theory that Weak Rivets Sank Titanic

Round 6: "Double Point Bonus Round" Round 7: "News Etymology"
Origin of "suborn," as in "suborn perjury"

Round 8: "Wait Wait I'm Pontificating" (essay questions)
•How to Deal with Saddam Once and For All
•What to do with Federal Budget Surplus
•Advice for New Mir Astronauts

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