April 3, 1999

Host: Peter Sagal
Official Judge and Scorekeeper: Carl Kasell
Not My Job Guests: Southwest Correspondent John Burnett

This Week's Panelists:

•Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post Style Section
•Roy Blount, Jr., Author
•Adam Felber, Writer and Performer

Round 1: "Introduction/Essay"
The Fit of Failure

"Opening Round"
Melissa and her inspiration; and holding out (or not) in Alabama.

"Who Is Carl This Time?"
Carl interprets three quotes from the week's news.

Round 2: "We'll Wait, You Tell Us" (Listener Segments)
"Not My Job"
Southwest Correspondent John Burnett joins us from Austin, Texas, to review some of the week's newsworthy gaffes, and reveals his hidden musical talent!

"Listener Limerick Challenge"
A listener completes three newsy limericks, as read by Carl.

"Week in Review"
It closed above 10,000, but does anyone care? ... and why Salt Lake City is concerned with what high school students aren't eating.

Round 3: "We'll Wait, You Tell Us" (Listener Segments)
"Listener Bluff"
A beloved food product turns 45 ...and our MYSTERY NEWSMAKER invented it. Our listener tries to pick the real answer from the fakes.

"Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank"
Each panelist has one minute to fill in as many blanks as he or she can.

Round 3: "We'll Wait, You Tell Us" (Listener Segments)
"Predictions for Next Week"
Our panelists predict the next computer virus, and wat it will do.

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