June 24, 2000

Listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me:
(14.4 | 28.8)

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Guest Host: Peter Sagal
Official Judge and Scorekeeper: Carl Kasell
Not My Job Guest: Diane Rehm, Host, The Diane Rehm Show

This Week's Panelists:

•Roy Blount, Jr., Author
•Adam Felber, Writer and Performer
•Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post Style Section

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (14.4 | 28.8)
The world's biggest celebrity turns 18; when cars eat cash; is the Red Planet also wet?

Opening Round (14.4 | 28.8)
All eyes on Tiger, an end to the era of rogues, and Taiwan's military ups their potassium intake.

Round 2

The Listener Limerick Challenge! (14.4 | 28.8)
Sugar from far, far away; the hidden talents of Bonnie Parker; better posture in Pisa.

Not My Job! (14.4 | 28.8)
Diane Rehm, host of The Diane Rehm Show, considerd the chain retail phenomonon in, "You're Making Every Neighborhood in America Look Exactly the Same."

Week in Review (14.4 | 28.8)
The New York Times is now hummable; DC changes its slogan.

Round 3

Who's Carl II (14.4 | 28.8)
John Rocker approaches the turnstile; L.A. puts a positive spin on their impromptu "celebrations"; a not-so-Iron Chef gripes.

Bluff the Listener (14.4 | 28.8)
A Brilliant Plan...That Backfired.

Lightning Fill in the Blank (14.4 | 28.8)
The rest of the week's news that we can fit.

Panelist Predictions (14.4 | 28.8)
A New Name for Rogue States.

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