Aug. 11, 2001

Listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me:
(14.4 | 28.8)

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HOST: Peter Sagal
Official Judge and Scorekeeper: Jean Cochran, in for Carl Kasell
NOT MY JOB GUEST: Lisa Simeone, Host of NPR's Weekend All Things Considered

This Week's Panelists:

•Charlie Pierce, Writer-at-Large for Esquire Magazine
•Adam Felber, Writer and Performer
•Sue Ellicott, BBC and Times of London

Round 1

Who's Jean This Time? (14.4 | 28.8)
Rudy Guiliani's indecent proposal, Fireside Chats with Daisy and Bessie, and something to look forward to at your local library.

Opening Round (14.4 | 28.8)
Strom Thurmond knows the perfect man for the job; Extreme sports invade the insect world; and Survivor puts the "Con" back in Miss Congeniality.

Round 2

The Listener Limerick Challenge! (14.4 | 28.8)
Hilarious Canines; the Death of a corporate buzzword?; and adolescent entrepreneurs behind bars.

Not My Job! (14.4 | 28.8)
NPR's Weekend All Things Considered host Lisa Simeone comes on to play "You're Newer, Bigger, Cleaner, Brighter, Better Tasting, Faster Acting...And All This, With Just Half The Calories!"--a Wait Wait look at advertising.

Week in Review (14.4 | 28.8)
Artificial reefs that are never on time; Hasbro breeds Alpha Pups; and Koffi Annan finds the perfect excuse to avoid his in-laws.

Round 3

Who's Jean II (14.4 | 28.8)
Al Gore is très, très chic; a scientist who makes reporters swoon; and one woman rises above her ex.

Bluff the Listener (14.4 | 28.8)
"With A Name Like That...You've Got to Get Your Act Together, Pal.": Three examples of names that are misleading.

Lightning Fill in the Blank (14.4 | 28.8)
All the news that we can fit.

Panelist Predictions (14.4 | 28.8)
What will be the title of Bill Clinton's memoirs?

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