January 6, 2001

Listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me:
(14.4 | 28.8)

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HOST: Peter Sagal
NOT MY JOB GUEST: NOT MY JOB GUEST: Singer and songwriter Dan Bern

This Week's Panelists:

•Charlie Pierce, Esquire Magazine and Only A Game
•Adam Felber, Writer and Entertainer
•Sue Ellicott, BBC and Times of London

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (14.4 | 28.8)
17 days that changed nothing, an item from the "Did I say that out loud?" file...America's flirtiest funnest (and our favorite) public figure.

Opening Round (14.4 | 28.8)
Ghost writing the hottest upcoming book...Finland's most expensive crime...bringing Russia and the U.S. a bit closer together.

Round 2

The Listener Limerick Challenge! (14.4 | 28.8)
A new medication means no more glasses of water upside down...sushi to give you a radiant smile...and a candy too disgusting to describe here.

Not My Job! (14.4 | 28.8)
Singer Songwriter Dan Bern joins us to play a game called "After that nightmare at O'Hare, you are never, God as your witness, going into the air again unless you grow wings..." or, adventures in commercial aviation.

Week in Review (14.4 | 28.8)
Beverly Hills, over a barrel...the comprehensive manual for the easiest task in the world.

Round 3

Who's Carl II (14.4 | 28.8)
70's nostalgia in the nation's capital...remembering a man who in the 60's made antennae cool...and the woman who's every woman.

Bluff the Listener (14.4 | 28.8)
Measure for Measure...measurements in the news.

Lightning Fill in the Blank (14.4 | 28.8)
The rest of the week's news that we can fit.

Panelist Predictions (14.4 | 28.8)
How will Democrats take advantage of their short-lived power in the U.S. Senate.

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